European Network of Indicator Designers


About ENID

The European Network of Indicator Designers (ENID) aims to facilitate and promote the cooperation between institutions and individuals actively engaged in designing, constructing, producing as well as using, and interpreting Science and Technology Indicators (S&T Indicators). In order to fulfil its objective ENID sets out to promote the following activities:

  • The organisation of an international conference series on S&T Indicators.
  • The organisation of researcher's training activities on S&T Indicators.
  • The publication of scholarly papers and special issues in journals devoted to S&T Indicators.
  • The diffusion of information on events and activities related to S&T Indicators, especially through its website and the ENID mailinglist. The ENID mailing list is open to all subscribers to circulate information on S&T Indicators-related activities.

ENID is an open network. All organizations active in the field of S&T Indicators can join the association and contribute to its activities. Members are encouraged to propose activities to be pursued under the umbrella of ENID. Activities should be accessible to all members of the network.

ENID is an association under the French law. The official French version of the ENID statutes can be downloaded here. The English version of the ENID statues can be downloaded here.

For more information on ENID and its activities please contact the association's secretary .

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