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Advisory board

A working group by the German Council of Science and Humanities supports the project by acting as an advisory board. Its members are appointed by the German Council of Science and Humanities. They comprise representatives from science and politics (from both the federal and the state level), experts for data processing and experts for introduction and handling of research information systems (RIS). Further, an expert for data protection is member of the advisory board.

The advisory board supports and supervises the project management and the working groups. It confirms the project management's nominations for the experts and members of the working groups. The advisory board furthermore works towards maintaining the balance between data economy and extensive data gathering. In addition, the advisory board communicates with representatives of science and science policy. The project management supports the advisory board in its outreach efforts.

After the conclusion of the project period, the advisory board submits the draft specification along with a science policy statement to the Council of Science and Humanities for consultation and adoption. In order to further support the implementation of a research core dataset in Germany, the advisory board formulates goals and objectives for the time following the initial standardisation period as indicated in the specification. In addition, it suggests a time frame for a first evaluation study.

Head of the advisory board

Prof. Dr. Doris Wedlich
KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)