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The project for the specification of a "Research Core Dataset" has developed standards for research information based on the recommendations by the German Council for Science and Humanities of January 2013. The project period was from October 2013 to October 2015.

In the context of the recent winter meetings (20 – 22 January 2016) the German Council of Science and Humanities discussed and evaluated the specification for a Research Core Dataset (RCD) (release 1.0) and recommended the RCD standard for implementation at research institutions in Germany. The recommendations summarise the background and goals of the project, illustrate the process of development, present the contents of the RCD standard and make suggestions for implementation and future development of the Research Core Dataset.

The recommendations of the German Council of Science and Humanities for the RCD (document in German) and the respective press release (document in German) are now publicly available.

The first release (release 1.0) of the Research Core Dataset (document in German), the final report (document in German) as well as further information on the project results can be found on this website.


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The German Council of Science and Humanities initiated this project based on the results of a recent pilot study on research rating. With its recommendations on the specification of a future research core dataset, the German Council of Science and Humanities delineated the structure and content of the approach. The project partners (Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance, German Council of Science and Humanities and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT jointly develop a standardised specification of these recommendations. This will provide the foundations for a quality-assured data exchange between universities or research institutions and recipients of the information in the German research system. The specification of a research core dataset is meant to be an offer to actors in the research system. On the basis of the specification, institutions will be able to agree on an efficient process for data collection and storage to reduce the cost of future development and implementation of local research information systems. Moreover, being based on international standards the specification provides the foundations for the future international exchange of research data. The project does not implement or recommend a central database. Rather, it initiates a definitional process and assesses the technical and organisational practicability.