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Pilot institutions

In order to fully reflect the factual reporting requirements of universities and research institutions, pilot institutions will be involved in the standardisation process at an early stage. This approach ensures that the specification can be implemented as smoothly as possible.

The project management selected the pilot institutions in agreement with the advisory board according to the following selection criteria: size, type, range of subjects and previous use of local research information systems or experience with the collection of information for particular categories of the research core dataset.

The pilot institutions will be involved in a stepwise process. First, different data and information systems as well as the underlying definitions will be identified. The working groups will use this information in the development of concrete solutions. The pilot institutions will then be given the possibility to evaluate the suggestions and to identify possible problems or shortcomings. The working group Definitions and data formats cooperates with the pilot institutions in order to identify definitions for elements of the research core dataset already in use and to evaluate the requirements for data formats.

The working group Bibliometrics cooperates with the pilot institutions to identify valid publication formats and types for different subject categories.

The pilot institutions are actively involved in cooperating with the working group Technics and interfaces. This regards the feasibility study for evaluating the proposed definitions and the development of interfaces. Furthermore, all working groups are free to invite other universities and institutes by means of hearings or consultations.

The following universities and research institutes serve as pilot insitutions to the project:

Dresden University of Technology
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
University of Münster